Revealed Opel, GM Group, on the conceptual model flikstrim new GT/E, which expresses the commitment of the German company to achieve superior performance without having to use traditional polluting engines. In this sense, the electricity ideal to test this model-4.7 m, GM technology called «extended range electric vehicle E-REV, a technique in many offers medium to large enterprises, in addition to these built-in, such as the newer model «Embera». Dynamic lines contributed to standard dimensions lflixtrim GT/E, 4700 mm in length, and 1308 mm high, in a more dynamic future. Also characterized by its thousandth day driving front cover with low Fraktur and Chairperson operating bemsabihah LED lights incandescent taken a winged banner, along with longitudinal ventilation slots on the front cover and ventilation systems in its almost sideways, and horizontal stretch that alkromet pillar with the Opel logo. It also highlights the styling with broad shoulders and mask large measuring 21-inch wheels, coated frames measuring 195/45, door handles, cancellations for optical sensors. Featuring experimental flikstrim GT/E design dynamic flow of 0.22 proportionate scale «CNN x», allows to reach the top speed of 122 miles/s without energy consumption, but also increase their mileage. To enter the cabin interior, side doors opens off one another and that evolved from the concept of «soft» FlexDoors sections adopted in the newer generation of «miriva» sister. As for the side mirrors for smaller cameras installed A column. At speeds above 30 miles/h, vertical plate brackets are behind the rear wheels, a structure, as well as the offender back length 350 mm, the air paths around corners background, strengthens overall Cruise rates. A friend of the environment benefit flikstrim GT/E test of electric vehicle technology range extender E-REV; where you can walk to the battery for a distance of 40 miles. And if you run out of battery power «lithium» which take a t-junction and settled down rear seats, highlights the gasoline engine ensures energy stocks and filling empty battery recharging. Therefore, the internal combustion engine designed just to keep the battery fully charged, and thus contribute to reducing fuel consumption, increase the mileage to 300 m, with average fuel consumption estimated one gallon per 175 miles, with rates very low carbon emissions approximately 40 grams per kilometre. It can be said that the electric engine adopted provide 370 nm of torque, which translates into active performance levels of inactivity to ensure cruising speed of 100 km/h in less than 9 seconds.

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