Issued "BMW" one of the largest companies in the German automotive official photos of the "6" Coupe of days before the opening of the Paris International Exposition, which is expected to be held later this month. Designed "BMW" car new dramatically, as has the elegant sports figure and strong performance at the same time, highlighting the clear in appearance, which was similar to the concept of "El Gran" sections. Among the features that are in the new Cuban "BM", "" LED headlamps with black edges and four exhaust outlets, 20 inch aluminium wheels for cars firmly on the ground. From the inside, leather materials car cushioning; material used to luxury and valuable, exclusive BMW numeric pad black 16 language, and advanced audio system "bang band aolfsn" according to "the site" Mechanically, the company refused to talk about the details of the engine but it probably will be providing a "double" Turbo V8 4.4 litre with 395 HP (294 kW/400 HP), and 450 lb-ft (Newton 609) of torque

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