porche 911 carrera gts

Will reveal the Porsche after days in Paris for the new 911 Carrera GTS» «, he is not the strongest among the legendary 911 family car, but the most fun and most fitness daily uses. And compare b Carrera-S, is the most powerful b 23 HP and generates less rotation speeds, broader background to ensure dynamic movement is confident and more stable. Will the combination of Cuban disclosure, at market in December. GTS broader background takes 44 mm (compared with Carrera S) push all wheels Carrera-4, in order to accommodate larger wheel axis to ensure fun classic rear SUV inherent. In addition to broader background, will characterize the GTS sports 19-inch wheels with Central fastening nut webtlaa black taken from RS model-spider, is equipped with rear tires 305/30ZR. As it meanwhile submitted by design section SportDesign with Chin footnote dying in black, bottom side edges also black, milestone and slogan «Carrera GTS» on doors and on the back of the car will be in black or silver depending on color painting the body. Altkhail style continues to back the color space between black tubular exhaust. And through this application the prestigious German company sought to create harmony between outside and inside the car, where tzdan booth fabric black almsabr Alcântara, falls within the clothing and gear brake lever seats joystick. Dominated by a black on rest cabin with careful attention to the adoption of workshop materials of high quality in terms of shape and texture. Car steering were processed from the design section SportDesign. And greater attention given to the 3.8-liter engine with 6 cylinders mtaaksh and equipped with direct injection system, the power to 408 HP, to bridge the gap between Carrera-S and GT3. Porsche was able to improve engine performance for amendments to the respiration system depends on the feed intake manifold, resonant mass gravitational wave as the manifold b 6 khavkat adjust Tuning Flaps controlled vacuum air, compared with the same engine model Carrera-S single intake manifold b chafik. No change in the level of torque generated with 310 lb-ft, but became available at 4200 RPM, 200 RPM compared with Carrera-S. Add to that the exhaust system with double nozzles athlete when all painted black. And record, the engine will continue with the manual of proportions, and on request can be replaced by vector Porsche binary alklch and PDK ratios. In comparison with-Carrera-S, the maximum speed of 4 km/h to 306 km/h for the model is equipped with a manual transmission, either accelerometer to 100 all your/o, experienced improved by 0.1 seconds dipping 4.2 seconds and that the Cuban model of GTS and equipped with vector and packet sport-PDK as Bruno plus sports. Either fuel consumption is 10.2 litres per 100 km for PDK bus equipped model. GTS market entry will begin from Germany in December at a price starting at € Cuban model 104935, 115050 kabriolier detection model €.

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