Opel Adam 2013

In early 2013 the all-new Opel Adam will be available in dealerships and start making an impression on our roads. Opel's chic, urban small car and champion of individualization will turn heads in our cities just as it did at its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in early September. Its modern, bold and colorful look ensures this, as does its almost unlimited potential for customization that makes virtually each and every Adam unique.
With the all-new Adam, Opel is entering the growing lifestyle A-segment. Short and strong-backed, Adam is almost 3.70 meters long and 1.72 meters wide (excl. mirrors). A funky three-door hatchback, it is perfect for urban environments. Its driving dynamics, however, also shine outside the city thanks to chassis and steering settings that focus on fun and agility. Inside its cabin, Adam offers seating for four people who benefit from a premium-inspired atmosphere; front passengers enjoy a high degree of roominess unusual for a small car. Adam's cockpit too can be individualized according to its owner's taste with a wide choice of colors, decors, stylish headliners and light effects.
The Opel Adam also provides premium technologies from upper segments. The new IntelliLink onboard infotainment system which integrates the owner's smartphone in the car (Android and Apple iOS) makes it the best connected small car. Other features ideal for Adam's natural urban environment are a new-generation Park Assist that automatically parks the car, a Side Blind Spot Alert and a power steering system including a "light touch" CITY mode.
Lively wheels: Adam, the newcomer in the small lifestyle car segment
Adam comes at a key moment in Opel's product offensive. Since 2008, Opel has completely reshaped its model line-up, starting with the flagship Insignia, continuing with its high volume models, and now entering or opening new segments of the market: The Ampera (electric car with range extender), the Mokka (small SUV), Adam (fashionable small car) and the future Cascada (mid-size convertible) all are part of the third wave of this vast growth program and contribute to extend Opel's portfolio.
Currently Opel is particularly strengthening its presence in the A and B segments, which now includes the 3.70 meter-long Adam, the 3.74 meter-long Agila, the 4.00 meter-long core model Corsa, the 4.28 meter-long new Mokka SUV and the 4.29 meter-long Meriva. With the introduction of the fashionable Adam, Opel also rounds off its A-segment offer alongside the 5-door Agila. While the Agila convinces with its high level of functionality and its practical strengths, Opel Adam stands out with its unparalleled individualization potential, muscular design and superior technology.
Opel Adam does not simply imitate familiar recipes. While major competitors in the segment go down the retro-design path, it is fresh and bold. "Adam proves that retro is not the rule of the game. It sets innovation, imagination, individualization and quality as its core values," says Dr. Thomas Sedran. First, its modern, fashion-conscious look combines with virtually unlimited personalization possibilities to set it apart from the competition. In addition, Adam introduces characteristics that are normally only available in premium models of upper-class vehicles, as shown in the high-quality execution of its cockpit and the technologies that enhance its safety, comfort, and fun factor. At the same time, Opel keeps Adam's prices affordable, with a high level of standard equipment in all versions.
Opel expects almost 80 percent of Adam customers to be private buyers, with more than half of those being new customers. But Adam will also make a statement as a signature vehicle for companies and businesses: around 20 percent of sales are expected to be in the fleet and commercial sector. Generally, Adam should attract young and young-at-heart customers of both genders with attitude: they want their car to reflect their individual personality. They place great value on fashion consciousness and individuality; they don't just follow trends, they also actively create them and so are opinion-leaders.
"With Adam, Opel is not only getting its loyal Opel customers who want a unique small car excited, but is also winning over new groups of buyers who haven't yet identified with the brand. They are reacting to the Adam, because it is authentic and simply different from its potential competitors. Customers no longer have to get used to their car, because Adam reflects the character and lifestyle of its owner," says Dr. Thomas Sedran.
Experts predict the lifestyle-orientated sub-segment in which the Opel Adam is a new contender will continue to grow steadily over the next years. Since 2000, sales of stylish cars of the A-segment (around 3.70 m length) have risen by around 30 percent and of B-segment luxury-oriented cars (around 4.00 m length) by over 110 percent. In 2011 nearly 630,000 units of these trendy cars were registered in Europe, versus 450,000 in 2008. Opel now wants to conquer this growth market with the Adam. There is an especially high demand for small cars in Italy, which might become Adam's largest market. Other main markets for Opel's new lifestyle small car will be Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.
Design & Individualization
Adam is Opel's first lifestyle, small vehicle. The sub-segment it enters was initially shaped by modern automotive interpretations of "retro" themes, but Opel deliberately went its own, innovative way. It has given the Opel Adam bold proportions and a unique, modern design without any reference to the past. To further stand out, Adam also comes with more new ideas than any of its competitors.
The first and core idea is that it can be individualized more than any other car. In three years of development - from the first sketch up to the world premiere in Paris - Opel designers, engineers and manufacturing experts developed outstanding new features that allow customizing Adam far beyond familiar recipes. Malcolm Ward, Design Director says: "There was an outstanding "can do" spirit and vibrant energy in the team when we created Adam, and it's amazing to see how many of the ideas that were generated in the early creative phase made it to production. Thanks to this incredibly fresh and audacious approach, Opel Adam can be personalized more than any car in the segment with virtually unlimited exterior and interior color, fabric, décor, wheel, etc. combination possibilities." For instance, Opel Adam introduces for the first time in the automobile industry three design features that enhance its great individualization potential, such as exchangeable colored wheel clips, printed headliners and backlit decors on the instrument panel.
Bold exterior with iconic silhouette and premium inspired interior
Adam introduces Opel's award-winning design philosophy of "sculptural artistry meets German precision" to the fashion-led A-segment. It first stands out with its muscular, original look that bucks the trend of retro-based design, as well as with bold, powerful proportions: with 3.70 meters in length and 1.72 meters width (excluding mirrors), Adam has the same length but is wider than a MINI, and looks solidly planted onto the road.
Adam's striking and unique "floating" roof which is visually disconnected from the body allows a perfect execution of a two-tone color combination - the basic individualization feature. The car's name badge is - unlike with most other cars - placed at the end of the chrome "signature" window molding on the rear pillar, which adds to its unique appeal. In the wide front grille, the Opel Adam has been given the new wing-shaped chrome bar with the embossed Opel emblem as introduced in the new Astra line-up. On the flanks typically sculpted Opel design cues such as the blade in the lower door and the characteristic crisp "shock wave" around the door handles are reminiscent of the Astra GTC. The headlamps feature wing-shaped daytime running lights (DRL), also typical for Opel. For the first time in the A-segment, both the headlamps and the taillights are available with state-of-the-art energy-saving LED technology.
The interior design delivers what Adam's upmarket exterior promises: style and premium- inspired ambience in a remarkably spacious environment for a small car. With sculpted, harmonious surfaces and graceful flowing lines just like its bigger brand brothers Astra, Meriva and Insignia, the Adam rounds off Opel´s brand promise in its latest and smallest declination. The new Adam-exclusive round, chronograph-style instruments and chrome bezeled switches convey an aura of sporty precision.
Just Unique - virtually no Adam looks like the other
The new Opel Adam grabs a lot of attention because of its unmistakable design, and even more due to its virtually unlimited customization options. Thanks to a wide range of exterior colors, a broad choice of wheel designs plus many interior trim options including different décor panels, ambient lighting packages and an array of headliners unrivalled in the automotive industry, Adam is Opel's new champion of personalization. Countless combination possibilities of body and roof colors, rims, interior configurations and trim options offer the Adam buyer choices not available for any other car. So virtually no Adam looks like the other, making every car just unique.
On the exterior, customers can choose from a spectrum of 12 body colors, the names of which evoke cultural references movie lovers will immediately feel familiar with - such as "I'll be Black", "Papa don't Peach", "Purple Fiction", "James Blonde", "Saturday White Fever" and "Buzz Lightgreen". To go with each body color there is a matching and personalized car key. So even when the owner has parked the Opel Adam, a highly original and personalized part of it always remains with him or her. Adam's roof can be given the same color as the body. However, for a more contrasting effect, three roof colors can also be combined with any body color: the glossy "I'll be Black", the light cream "White my Fire" and the dark and rich "Men in Brown".
Instead of offering a conventional trim hierarchy, Adam breaks new ground with 3 different trim worlds or "moods". They set the scene for the first level of individualization: Adam JAM is bold and funky, appealing to the very fashion conscious customer out there; Adam GLAM is elegant and stylish, targeting people with refined tastes; and Adam SLAM is quite masculine, sporty and streetwise.
On the next level of customization, owners can choose from 3 option packs for each of the 3 trim worlds: so, Adam JAM, Adam GLAM and Adam SLAM can all be further sharpened and tailored to individual tastes with the two-tone "Black-" or "White Pack", the flamboyant "Twisted Pack" or the bold "Extreme Pack". The Black Pack offers extra elegance with roof, exterior mirrors and rims all in black, with the White Pack having the same touches in white. Opel Adam with the Twisted Pack shines with colorful exterior mirrors, grille bar, rims and interior décor either in green for the Adam JAM version, in brown for the Adam GLAM or red for the Adam SLAM. And the Extreme Pack makes the car absolutely unmistakable with eye-catching wheels and ornaments on the mirrors, grille bar, paintwork and interior décor.
Opel's new lifestyle car can be further personalized with three different external decal packages (Adam JAM "Splat", Adam GLAM "Fly" and Adam SLAM "Stripes") that are applied to mirrors and other parts of the car, for example the sides and rear.
In total Adam offers 31 different wheel designs and colors with sizes ranging from 15" to 18", including rims in "Vintage" or "Horns" design which takes the classic form design a step further. Unconventional sweeping designs like "Boomerang", "Hurricane", "Turbine", and "Twister" will also certainly turn heads. An extra hint for an unmistakable Adam character: even after customers have taken delivery of their car, some 18" wheels featuring completely new, interchangeable color clips can be personalized even further. Opel is the first and only automaker in the world to offer these clips, available in six different multi-part sets of colors that are clipped onto the five spokes of the rim. One can for instance match the color of his clips to Adam's body color, create strong contrasts or play with bi-color combinations. Opel Adam is the only car that allows its wheel colors to be individually selected according to individual tastes.
Unique and fresh interior moods with backlit interior décor
Inside the cabin there is also a wealth of personalization possibilities. 4 base colors are available: black, cocoa, purple and white. They combine with 15 different seat designs which also feature a broad choice of materials and colors. In addition, 19 different sets of decoration panels on the dashboard and the doors are available. These panels can be ordered separately so that Adam's interior can constantly be personalized and tailored to the changing tastes of the owner - or to changing owners. Among the 19 offered panels, 11 are painted and match the exterior colors, 8 are covered with premium foil featuring decorative patterns - 2 of which are even backlit via LEDs, that create a soft, glowing appearance that is absolutely unique in the automotive industry.
This exclusive design element is combined with an ambient lighting package that consists of indirect lights that illuminate the door pockets, center console and passenger footwell. As part of the ambient lighting package, at the touch of a button, 8 different light colors can be selected - one alone or so that they continuously change - and dimmed to set the tone for the interior. Red, two amber tones, yellow, green, blue, ice blue and white can be selected. This once again underscores the Adam's unparalleled wealth of personalization.
Inside of the cabin the roof can also be personalized to suit every taste. A large sunroof can fill Opel Adam with natural light. But the printed headliners are an industry first that have never been seen before. Three motifs are available, with clouds "Sky", autumn leaves "Fly" or checkered flag "Go". However, Adam's most spectacular headliner is the "Starlight" illuminated by 64 LED lights creating the impression of a starry night sky. It is absolutely unique in this vehicle segment - and in all other segments, except for the most expensive limousines in the world. Romantics can combine the Sky motif with the Starlight illumination.
Creative packs add extra appeal to the Opel Adam
In addition to the vast variety of colors and decors, and beyond the Black/White, Twisted, Extreme packages, further different packs add extra appearance details to the Adam. Customers who wish to create an even sportier Adam can opt for the "OPC Line Pack" with more aggressive-looking bumpers and spoilers. The "Extreme Carbon Pack" including the grille bar and mirrors in carbon design creates an exceptional look. And those who want to bring a color theme to its ultimate expression inside the cabin can opt for the "Color Pack" which adds colorful accents on the steering wheel and the gear shifter.
Up-level technologies and best connectivity in segment
Engineered and developed in Rüsselsheim, the Opel Adam brings premium technologies and qualities from upper categories into the A-segment. Most of Adam's technical features are introduced for the first time in a small, urban car. They make life and mobility easier in modern city centers, urban areas and beyond, and include the new generation Park Assist that automatically steers the car into a parking space, Side Blind Spot Alert, the Speed Limiter functionality combined with Cruise Control and the power steering system "light touch" CITY mode. But the biggest highlight is the new IntelliLink onboard infotainment system which integrates the owner's smartphone (Android and Apple iOS) in the vehicle, making Adam the best connected small car. IntelliLink also further enhances Adam's individualization, as it brings owners' personal environments and favorite entertainment features from their smartphones into their car and makes them accessible via the car's controls. Adam not only offers high quality execution, unprecedented individualization potential and up-level technology solutions, it also makes them surprisingly affordable: IntelliLink for instance costs only 300 euros.

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