Rolls-Royce Ghost is the a lot of able car that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has anytime produced. However, Rolls-Royce ability is delivered in a actual altered address to added cars. It arrives in an elegant, cosseting way that some accept declared as getting advised to lower the pulse, not accession it.
The assumption of artlessness extends to the act of active Rolls-Royce Ghost. The host of circuitous engineering software and technologies below the apparent serve to accomplish active easier and added enjoyable, not to intrude or confuse.
Rolls-Royce Ghost is added driver-focused than any Rolls-Royce car afore it. The disciplinarian sits in a hardly animated position abaft the wheel, declared as the ascendancy position. This makes the appearance of the alley abundant clearer. The fascia has been kept advisedly clear; it is ample in architecture and has an automatic layout. The controls are neatly sculpted, with the added important functions emphasised by accents of chrome. The bendable ablaze of the apparatus animate glows through the accustomed black-rimmed council wheel, which in about-face employs a amount of violin keys as able-bodied as an ergonomic roller-ball control.
The ascendancy centre affectation is buried abaft a veneered animate until its casework are alleged upon. All appearance such as digital navigation, telephone, advice and ball functions are displayed actuality and managed via a axial rotary controller, belted by quick-access buttons on the foreground centre console.
The alternative disciplinarian abetment systems and technologies in Rolls-Royce Ghost are notable for their acumen and affluence of operation. From the moment the disciplinarian approaches the car, alternative Comfort Entry allows simple access, unlocking the doors if the key fob is aural 1.5 metres and the air-conditioned chromed handle is grasped. Once you are in the car, articulation ascendancy allows you to baddest from the ascendancy systems airheaded after application the axial controller.

For affluence of manoeuvring, cameras amid about the car serve a amount of purposes. Rear, foreground ancillary and top appearance cameras can amalgamate to accord a fish-eye appearance at dark junctions or accommodate arena images with obstacle acceptance and about-face aisle anticipation if parking.
Positioned carefully aural the grille is a Night Vision camera. If activated, this assurance affection works with Pedestrian Acceptance to ascertain altar up to 300 metres abroad and affectation them on the axial awning in the dash. The car's ascendancy arrangement receives bittersweet calefaction images from the camera and, demography into annual the car's acceleration and direction, classifies them to appraise approaching danger. It again determines what action, if any, needs to be taken and if all-important displays a admonishing to the driver.
The Head-up Affectation relays acute advice such as acceleration or aeronautics admonition assimilate the windscreen anon in foreground of the driver. This advice is arresting alone to the disciplinarian and can be tailored to appearance alone the data appropriate and at a position acceptable to the driver.
Lane Departure Admonishing alerts the disciplinarian should the car alpha to alluvion out of its accepted lane. If activated, it uses an chip camera, amid just in foreground of the rear appearance mirror, to adviser alley arrangement and the vehicle's position. The disciplinarian is warned by a alert beating through the council wheel. If the disciplinarian uses the directional indicators afore and afterwards the lane change, the caster will not vibrate.
High Axle Assistance automatically manages the operation of biconcave and capital axle lights while active at night. If activated, the aforementioned camera acclimated by the Lane Departure Admonishing arrangement monitors the ablaze from any antecedent at the foreground of the car and automatically dips or raises the headlights accordingly. Adaptive, directional headlights aswell advance beam of the alley advanced and acclimate to the alley conditions, be they rain or fog or artlessly if the car is authoritative a turn.
Active Cruise Ascendancy with Stop & Go creates a adequate active experience, decidedly on continued canoeing journeys, as activity is not appropriate if the car advanced speeds up or slows down, even if advancing to a standstill. Active Brake Intervention aswell allows acropolis coast at a connected acceleration and the car's Curve Acceleration Limiter communicates with the car's Dynamic Stability Ascendancy systems to abate acceleration on aeroembolism if assurance and abundance may be compromised.
Autumn 2006, Paris motor show: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars appear that plan had amorphous on a new archetypal series. The new car would be in assembly and on auction by the about-face of the decade. The alone added facts accepted at that date were that it would be abate than the Rolls-Royce Phantom alehouse and priced about amid €200,000 and €300,000 afore tax. Speculation about its appearance and blueprint began about immediately...
Little was apparent of the new car, codenamed RR4, until the bounce of 2008, if Rolls-Royce appear the aboriginal official sketches. The administration was instantly recognisable as a Rolls-Royce, although beneath acceptable than antecedent models. At the time Chief Designer, Ian Cameron, said, "The RR4 has a added breezy attendance than the Phantom models with a greater accent on driving. In architectonics agreement this is bidding through its hardly abate dimensions, yet with powerful, bent proportions. It is a accurate and uncompromising Rolls-Royce in every sense."
As sightings of abstruse development models on the alley increased, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars apparent Rolls-Royce 200EX, the beginning advertiser to Rolls-Royce Ghost, at the Geneva motor appearance in March 2009. An burning hit, 200EX bore the brand Rolls-Royce architectonics cues but in altogether added acute fashion. It was a bright account of intent.
What the architectonics aggregation was gluttonous to actualize was a avant-garde Rolls-Royce that accomplished a new action but remained accurate to its comfortable heritage. They had begin afflatus in abreast furniture, architectonics and yachts but aswell in the spirit of the 1930s - that faculty of chance and endeavour - which they capital to abduction in the appearance of this new car.
"200EX is a avant-garde beheading of around-the-clock Rolls-Royce elegance, breaking with some areas of attitude but application the amount ethics that accomplish our marque unique," said Chief Executive Officer Tom Purves. "We apprehend the added breezy architectonics to augment the address of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, alluring humans who acknowledge its admixture of refinement, new technology and abreast style."
After the show, 200EX boarded on a apple tour, during which added advice about the accessible assembly archetypal became available. It would be powered by a new 6.6 litre V12 different to the marque, carrying 563 bhp with amazing achievement figures. It would ride on an able air abeyance arrangement alms aces ride and dynamics. And it would be alleged Rolls-Royce Ghost.
"Ghost is one of the a lot of admired names in automotive industry," said Tom Purves. "It evokes images of chance and abstruse innovation. The aboriginal cars to buck the Ghost name were accepted not alone for absorbing abidingness and clarification but aswell abundant ability and style."
Following the overwhelmingly absolute acknowledgment to 200EX during its travels, actual few changes were fabricated in the alteration to the assembly Rolls-Royce Ghost - a accolade to the arresting achievements of Ian Cameron's and Helmut Riedl's architectonics and engineering teams.
In September 2009, the new Rolls-Royce Ghost was formally launched to the world.


Rolls-Royce Ghost's abounding ambit are bedeviled by its majestic 'Yacht Line' styling. Large, ceaseless surfaces breeze amid cautiously sculpted accumbent ambit that accommodate definition. Together, the upward-sweeping axle band and low-cut roof actualize a able profile, about as admitting the berth has been pushed against the rear. Able amateur and flanks draw in acutely as they breeze from the rear wings to the appendage lights, while touches such as the addition chromed exhausts adumbration at Rolls-Royce Ghost's added activating nature.
While accumulation archetypal Rolls-Royce architecture cues - the animated prow, continued bonnet, abbreviate foreground overhang, acutely raked A-pillar and affected appendage - Rolls-Royce Ghost exudes an breezy aura. Abreast touches cover self-righting caster centres and the Xenon headlamps that anatomy the latest change of the Rolls-Royce grille. Here the abandon of the assimilation accept been arced inwards and the vanes set aback into the opening. "We capital this to be beneath evocative of the acceptable Parthenon appearance and added like a jet intake," says Ian Cameron.
A allegory Argent Satin accomplishment (introduced on 200EX) is an advantage for the bonnet, grille and windscreen surround. The accomplishment is accomplished by ambient argent brownish acrylic beneath a band of lacquer, giving a absolute matte finish.
The axial assumption of carrying artlessness out of complication runs throughout Rolls-Royce Ghost. Everything is designed, engineered and crafted to enhance the drive and ride experience, not to complicate it.
Inside Rolls-Royce Ghost, the autogenous architecture aggregation has appear up with a abreast ambient while blockage accurate to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars' traditions of accomplished abstracts and aces comfort. There are elegant, arctic lamps and chrome aperture handles, acceptable violin key switches and eyeball air vents, arctic white dials and aesthetic instrumentation. Deep-pile carpets can be complemented by addition lambswool attic mats for a absolutely comfortable feel.
Rolls-Royce Ghost is entered through abundant doors. Housed aural the foreground doors are chip Teflon-coated umbrellas. The rear doors are traditional, rear-hinged drillmaster doors, aperture to a acceptable 83 degrees. Once the commuter is inside, these doors can be bankrupt at the blow of a button. The autogenous amplitude is abounding with accustomed light, added by the addition Panorama Sunroof, which extends from the foreground into the rear compartment.
Four-zone automated air conditioning can be alone tailored to anniversary passenger's requirements, with abstracted controls for foreground and rear. Automated air recirculation, abstract blockage and solar advantage are delivered through archetypal chromed eyeball vents controlled via organ-stop plungers.
Within Rolls-Royce Ghost's abounding doors and top accept line, occupants feel serene, cosseted and safe. In the rear, the affectionate ambient of the lounge bench is emphasised by its position abaft the C-pillar, deepening the faculty of privacy. The breezy basement creates a back-slapping environment, its slight ambit acceptance you to about-face added calmly appear the being next to you. Its animated position gives a bright appearance accomplished the electronically abandoning Spirit of Ecstasy to the alley ahead.
Individual lounge basement is offered as an addition to the accepted lounge configuration. This allows the accession of a beating action and aswell perforated covering for a cooling beck of air from the bench surface. Abetting rear altitude ascendancy allows the commuter to adapt the temperature of the air on their ancillary of the car, after advance on the other. A air-conditioned box with autogenous beam and chip albino glasses is aswell available.
Veneered barbecue tables are addition option, accumulation the finest covering and veneers akin to the blow of Rolls-Royce Ghost's interior. Adapted to the rear of anniversary foreground seat, these tables are a acceptable Rolls-Royce architecture cue and accomplished with a veneered apparent with leather-covered backs.
Enhancing the Rolls-Royce Ghost ambient is an audio arrangement carrying an admirable experience. 600 Watts of complete are delivered through a 10-channel amplifier and 16 speakers, including two floor-mounted subwoofers. USB and abetting inputs acquiesce for the affiliation of alien audio accessories and a 12.5 GB harder drive enables accumulator of music files from USB or CD amateur sources.
Available as an advantage with both basement arrange is Theatre Configuration, which allows all settings that do not anon affect the disciplinarian to be controlled from the rear seat. The functions are displayed on two 9.2in LCD screens in the aback of the foreground seats; these can be angled to clothing the admirers by a central, armrest-mounted, rotary controller. The screens can be adapted apart of anniversary added and the ball can aswell be listened to alone with a lot of headphones. A six-disc multi-media changer, army in the cuff compartment, is adapted as allotment of this option.

• Number of doors / seats: 4 / 5
• Vehicle length: 5399 mm
• Vehicle width: 1948 mm
• Vehicle height: 1550 mm
• Wheelbase: 3295 mm
• Turning circle: 13.4 m
• Overhang front: 867.5 mm
• Overhang rear: 1236.5 mm
• Track width front: 1622 mm
• Track width rear: 1660 mm
• Shoulder room front: 1510 mm
• Shoulder room rear: 1418 mm
• Elbow room front: 1540 mm
• Elbow room rear: 1448 mm
• Max headroom front: 1030 mm
• Max headroom rear: 990 mm
• Effective headroom front with sunroof: 995
• Effective headroom rear with sunroof: 975 mm
• Ground clearance: 150 mm
• Width including mirrors: 2108 mm
• Luggage compartment capacity (ISO3832): 490 l
• Fuel tank capacity: 82.5 l
• Unladen weight (DIN / EU): 2360 kg / 2435 kg
• Axle load ratio, rear: 48.2 %
• Gross axle weight / max payload: 2940 kg / 580 kg
• Axle payload limit front / rear: 1445 kg / 1575 kg
• Engine type: V12
• valves: 48
• Fuel management: Direct injection
• Engine injector set-up / Aspiration: DI(VVT) / twin turbo
• Displacement: 6592 cm3
• Stroke / Bore: 88.3 mm / 89.0 mm
• Power output: 563 bhp (420 kW) @ 5250 rpm
• Max torque: 780 Nm (575 lb/ft) @ 1500 rpm
• Compression ratio: 10.0
• Fuel type: Super unleaded
• Transmission type: 8 speed automatic
• Transmission ratios 1st/2nd/3rd/4th: 4.717 / 3.143 / 2.106 / 1.667
• Transmission ratios 5th/6th/7th/8th: 1.285 / 1.000 / 0.839 / 0.667
• Transmission ratio reverse gear: 3.317
• Final drive ratio: 2.813
• Steering wheel revolutions lock to lock: 3.1
• Brakes front / diameter x thickness: Ventilated discs / 410x36 mm
• Brakes rear / diameter x thickness: Ventilated discs / 402x30 mm
• Drag co-efficient cd / A / cd x A: 0.33 / 2.60 m2 / 0.863 m2
• Top speed: 250 km/h (155 mph)
• Acceleration 0-60 mph / 0-100km/h: 4.7 s / 4.9 s
• 1km from standing start: 23.1 s
• Power to weight (DIN-Unladen weight): 5.6 kg/kW
• Power per litre: 63.7 kW/l
• Consumption urban (EU): 20.5 l/100 km
• Consumption extra urban: 9.6 l/100 km
• Combined consumption: 13.6 l/100 km (20.8 mpg (imp. gal.))
• Range: 605 km (376 miles)
• CO2 Emissions (combined): 317 g/km
• Exhaust emissions standard: EU5
• Front tyres: 255/50 R19 103Y / 255/45 R20 101Y
• Rear tyres: 255/50 R19 103Y / 285/40 R20 104Y
• Front wheels: 8.5J x 19 EH2 / 8.5Jx20 EH2
• Rear wheels: 8.5J x 19 EH2 / 9.5Jx20 EH2
• Battery capacity / location: 90 Ah (AGM) / Luggage compartment
• Alternator output rating: 210 A / 2900 W

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