Company specialized in brabos "," modify vehicles in cooperation with the "Apple" for multimedia on a new version of the Mercedes s class under the name "iBusiness."
Brabos "provided", "Apple" "iBusiness" a lot of features that make them among the car of choice for businessmen, carrying two "iPad", "iPod Touch" and a "Mac Mini", roof screen size 15.2 inches, and a sophisticated, father top Apple mouse type "Magic".
The car also holds within it the system connected to the Internet via UMTS "sophisticated" upholstering of skin "Alcantara" famous, wood, as well as paintings and wearing bright, sports steering wheel, wedwasat aluminium.
The model "Mercedes" also according to the "site" wheels (19-21 inch) with "Pirelli" or "Yokohama", along with Saddam front-end and back-end sports exhaust system rate.
Mechanically the amended model consists of 12 huge engine cylinder strongly reported 750 HP and ltret 6.3 equivalent specifically (740 HP/552 kW), which makes it infected 1100 nm (811 lb-ft) of torque.
New technologies can be accelerated in the car from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.0 seconds, before reaching a maximum speed: 340 km/h (211 mph).
The brabos "provided by the new models of" Mercedes "under the name" vaino ", which contains many technological systems including recreational nature" TV LCD 32 inch "measurement.
Provided the "background" brabos that cabin seats model can be adjusted electrically wedaithma in more than one direction, and can be modified to fit the two featured both sleeping position, such as business seats in the aircraft.
The company also supplied the car, which falls under the category of "mini", "mobile phone, Vertu Constellation" is compatible with networks in over 180 countries, and laptop computers connected to the wireless network LAN to log online.
There is also a fridge to cool drinks and snacks, coffee making machine, alasbriso curtains can be controlled electrically, and two small front seats Presidents can folds electric similar to accommodate bodyguards for business

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