Audi R8 GT (2011)

Now even added powerful, lighter and faster: Audi presents the Audi R8 GT - a limited-production adaptation of the Audi R8 high-performance sports car. The achievement of its 5.2-liter V10 has been added to 412 kW (560 hp); car weight has been bargain by about 100 kilograms (220.46 lb). The Audi R8 GT accelerates from aught to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 3.6 abnormal and alcove a top dispatch of 320 km/h (198.84 mph).
The R8 high-performance sports car has been a champ from the actual beginning. This applies to both the assembly models, winners of the "World Achievement Car" Award in 2008 (R8) and in 2010 (R8 V10), and to the chase car, the R8 LMS, which won 23 contest in its aboriginal division and claimed three championships. The genes of the chase adaptation are now advancing to the artery - in the Audi R8 GT. The absolute alternation is bound to 333 units. Anniversary Audi R8 GT has a brand with its assembly amount on the about-face batten knob.
Consistent use of failing construction: 100 kilograms (220.46 lb) trimmed
The assembly Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI quattro is already a animated archetype of the Audi's failing architecture philosophy. Its aluminum Audi Space Anatomy (ASF) physique weighs alone 210 kilograms (462.97 lb). The aluminum physique panels are abutting to the anatomy of extruded profiles and casting nodes by agency of absolute and abrasion connections. The engine anatomy is fabricated of ultra failing magnesium.
The ASF physique is abundantly hand-built at the Neckarsulm bulb in a circuitous accomplishment process. The acutely top backbone of the physique is the abject for the high-performance sports car's absolute handling, and it aswell offers acceptable beating abundance and first-rate blast safety.
Thanks to the ASF body, the assembly R8 5.2 FSI quattro weighs alone 1,625 kilograms (3,582.51 lb) - with quattro abiding all-wheel drive and another R tronic transmission. This fabricated it all the added difficult for the engineers to already afresh accomplish abundant weight savings. They took an busy access involving every aspect of the vehicle, and in the end the scales came to blow at 1,525 kilograms (3,362.05 lb).
The windshield of the Audi R8 GT is fabricated of thinner glass; the bulkhead amid the commuter corpuscle and engine compartment, as able-bodied as the window in the rear bear are fabricated of strong, failing polycarbonate. These three modifications adored nine kilograms (19.84 lb). The anchored rear addition is acceptable for an added 1.2 kilograms (2.65 lb); thinner breadth metal and added cutouts baldheaded 2.6 kilograms (5.73 lb) from the aluminum bear over the 100 liter (3.53 cu ft) baggage alcove at the foreground of the car.
The continued rear bear is fabricated of carbon fiber-reinforced artificial (CFRP) - an advantage of 6.6 kilograms (14.55 lb). The rear bonanza and the sideblades of this aforementioned actual save an added 5.2 and 1.5 kilograms (11.46 and 3.31 lb), respectively. With its basal weight and acutely top strength, CFRP is the ideal actual for a high-performance sports car, and Audi has broad-based ability in its use.
The engineers aswell fought to barber every accessible gram of weight from the abstruse apparatus of R8. They baldheaded one kilogram (2.20 lb) from the ability anchor system, four kilograms (8.82 lb) from the aluminum caps of the anchor discs and 9.4 kilograms (20.72 lb) from the battery. The engineers aswell begin 2.3 kilograms (5.07 lb) in the air assimilation bore and 2.8 kilograms (6.17 lb) in the insulation of the engine compartment.
The autogenous aswell harbored abundant weight-savings potential. The new, failing carpeting accounts for 7.9 kilograms (17.42 lb); the brazier seats with a anatomy of glass-reinforced artificial (GRP) annual for 31.5 kilograms (69.45 lb). Abundant added abundant measures targeted the interior, the exoteric and the technology, such as higher-grade, lighter animate for the bankrupt system's tailpipes.
Even bluff and added effective: the design
The architecture of the Audi R8 GT is the announcement of concentrated ability - a beautiful, abstruse carve barometer 4.43 meters (14.53 ft) long, 1.93 meters (6.33 ft) advanced and alone 1.24 meters (4.04 ft) high. The exoteric underwent abundant modifications that added acicular the appearance. Many of them aswell abate the weight and enhance the aerodynamics. The Audi R8 GT produces even added downforce if apprenticed fast than the assembly archetypal - after any access in the Cd amount (0.36) or aboveboard breadth (1.99 m2) (21.42 sq ft).
The anatomy of the single-frame grille, its struts and the slats in the air intakes are accomplished in matt titanium gray; the grille is corrective matt black. The splitter beneath the bonanza has a bifold lip and is fabricated of carbon. Slender, arced flics at the corners of the adenoids access the downforce on the foreground arbor and are aswell fabricated of a carbon cilia composite.
One highlight of the Audi R8 GT are the accepted LED headlights, which use light-emitting diodes for all functions. They aftermath bright, constant light, accept a continued account activity and low activity consumption. The headlights aswell accept an adorable and characteristic appearance. The daytime active lights anniversary comprise 24 LEDs and arise as a connected band. The reflectors are evocative of accessible mollusk shells.
The defining aspect of the ancillary appearance are the sideblades, which absolute air to the engine and in the Audi R8 GT are aswell fabricated of matte carbon. The aforementioned actual is acclimated for the reduced-size apartment of the ancillary mirrors, which are army on an aluminum base. The 19-inch auto affection an absolute 5 twin-spoke Y architecture in a titanium-look finish. The foreground fenders action "GT" badges.
The modifications to the rear of the car are decidedly apparent, alpha with the anchored addition of matte carbon. The blast louvers on both abandon of the rear bear and the CFRP bumper, which integrates the large, annular tailpipes and vents for the caster wells, accept been redesigned. The beyond diffuser is fabricated of carbon cilia composite; the authorization bowl bezel and the advanced slats at the rear are in matte titanium gray. The appendage lights, which aswell use LED technology, accept aphotic housings with panes of bright glass.
Audi offers the R8 GT in a best of four physique colors: Samoa Orange metallic, Suzuka Gray metallic, Ice Silver brownish and Phantom Atramentous fair effect.
Breathtakingly powerful: the 412 kW (560 hp) 5.2 FSI
The adapted V10, whose butt accomplished covers are corrective red, gives the Audi R8 GT amazing performance. The R8 GT sprints from a continuing alpha to artery dispatch in 3.6 seconds, and from aught to 200 km/h (124.27 mph) in 10.8 seconds. And the advance does not let up until the top dispatch of 320 km/h (198.84 mph) is reached.
Changes to the engine electronics coaxed an added 26 kW from the ten-cylinder, which now produces 412 kW (560 hp) from a displacement of 5,204 cc. The torque ambit peaks at 540 Nm (398.28 lb-ft) at 6,500 rpm, 10 Nm (7.38 lb-ft) added than in the assembly version. The V10 has a specific ability achievement of 79.2 kW (107.6 hp) per liter displacement. Its power-to-weight arrangement is 3.70 kilograms (8.16 lb) per kW or 2.72 kilograms (6.00 lb) per hp. The engine redlines at 8,700 rpm.
The long-stroke engine (bore x achievement 84.5 x 92.8 millimeters [3.33 x 3.65 in]), which is hand-built at the branch in Györ, Hungary, appearance a crankcase fabricated of a aluminum-silicon admixture that is both failing and actual strong. A bedplate - a anatomy for the crankshaft address bridges - added enhances its rigidity. The complete engine weighs alone 258 kilograms (568.79 lb). It is characterized by a butt bend of 90 degrees and dry-sump lubrication, which uses a awful able oil pump module. Both solutions lower the centermost of force and appropriately advance active dynamics.
The crankshaft is advised as a accepted pin shaft. The abutting rods of the opposing pistons appoint a accepted crankpin, consistent in alternating battlefront intervals of 54 and 90 degrees. This different accent gives the V10 its alluring complete - a grand, abstruse music actual abundant like that in racing. Two flaps in the bankrupt arrangement attune its aggregate and accent as a action of amount and engine speed.
The commonly aspirated engine consumes an boilerplate of 13.7 liters of ammunition per 100 km (17.17 US mpg) - actual acceptable ammunition abridgement accustomed the amazing power. The FSI gasoline absolute bang arrangement injects the ammunition into the agitation accommodation at up to 120 bar of pressure. The agitated admixture cools the butt walls, enabling a compression arrangement of 12.5:1. A capricious assimilation assorted and the connected acclimation of the chain-driven camshafts ensure that the agitation accommodation are absolutely filled. Flaps in the assimilation ports facilitate the accumulation of the admixture by inducing a aerobatics motion in the flood air.
The drivetrain: uncompromising traction
Gear changes in the Audi R8 GT are handled by the R tronic consecutive chiral transmission. The electrohydraulic clamp and switching assemblage accept their commands electronically. It changes its six apparatus abundant faster than a accomplished disciplinarian could - aural a tenth of a additional at top amount and engine speed.
The cyberbanking administration arrangement offers an automated approach with the Action and Accustomed characteristics, and two chiral levels. It is controlled application the abbreviate accessory selector batten on the centermost adit and two paddles on the council wheel. Maximum advance if starting is ensured by Launch Ascendancy - a affairs that manages abounding dispatch with top engine dispatch and minimum caster blooper if starting.
quattro abiding all-wheel drive is the ideal technology for a high-performance sports car. The axial adhesive coupling amid at the foreground cogwheel sends 15 percent of the ability to the foreground arbor and 85 percent to the rear arbor during accustomed driving. This breach harmonizes altogether with the Audi R8 GT's 43:57 percent weight distribution. The coupling sends as abundant as 30 percent of the ability to the foreground auto aural milliseconds, if necessary. A automated locking cogwheel at the rear arbor added improves traction. It provides up to 25 percent alcove if accelerating and up to 40 percent on the overrun.
Chassis even tauter and added precise
The Audi R8 GT high-performance sports car is a active apparatus with amazing crabbed dispatch and lightning-fast, about absolute reactions. Its engine is mid-mounted abutting to the vertical axis; its accumulation is about negligible during fast administration changes. The Audi R8 GT is dynamic, absolute and abiding in about every situation.
The anatomy follows the archetypal antagonism architecture - bifold wishbones fabricated of aluminum locate the wheels. The hydraulic, power-assisted rack-and-pinion council has a absolute 16.3:1 arrangement and connects the disciplinarian carefully and absolutely with the road. A manually adjustable coilover suspension, which lowers the physique by as abundant as 10 millimeters (0.39 in), is standard. Higher foreground and rear caster camber ante accomplish the administration a beat added active than with the accepted model.
The 19-inch artificial auto are 8.5 J x 19 up foreground and 11 J x 19 at the rear, and are shod with admeasurement 235/35 and 295/30 tires, respectively. Audi will arise 305/30 tires calm with another auto on the rear arbor aloft request. Cup tires, which action the ultimate in achievement on dry roads, are accessible for antagonism enthusiasts.
Audi mounts internally ventilated, carbon cilia bowl anchor disks standard. They are acutely abiding and abrasion-resistant as able-bodied as decidedly lightweight. Calm they counterbalance nine kilograms (19.84 lb) beneath than their animate counterparts of the aforementioned size. They admeasurement 380 millimeters (14.96 in) in bore up foreground and 356 millimeters (14.02 in) at the rear. The abrasion rings are anchored to the stainless animate caps via adaptable elements. Red anodized aluminum anchor calipers - with six pistons up foreground - are absolute to the Audi R8 GT.
The ESP stabilization affairs has been distinctively acquainted to the Audi R8 GT and can be switched into a Action approach at the advance of a button to acquiesce spectacular, but safe, oversteer if accelerating out of a corner. The disciplinarian can conciliate the arrangement absolutely for a cruise to the chase track.
Exclusive and dynamic: autogenous and equipment
At Audi, abbreviation weight agency accretion achievement and efficiency, but not sacrifice. The Audi R8 GT, which Audi sells in Germany for €193,000, comes with an automated altitude ascendancy arrangement and ability windows, a aeronautics arrangement with MMI operating argumentation and a able complete system. A 465 watt, ten-channel Bang & Olufsen complete system, a CD banker and the Audi Music Interface are accessible as options. As consistently with Audi, the autogenous shows admiring absorption to detail. Rich abstracts blemish the occupants with a accomplished attending and feel.
The ergonomic autogenous is adorned in adventurous atramentous and aphotic gray. The council wheel, the headliner, the roof posts, the knee pad, the parking anchor batten and the brazier seats are covered with Alcantara absolute with allegory stitching. A constructed sharkskin-look actual that feels hardly asperous to the blow is activated to the bulkhead, the aperture liners, the apparatus cowl and the dashboard. The "monoposto" - the accomplished in the cockpit - is fabricated of matt carbon.
The apparatus array appearance white dials with "R8 GT" badges. The anew advised selector batten is fabricated of CFRP and aluminum; the centermost adit and the aperture liners action adorning inlays in the physique color. The aperture sills affection trims of matt aluminum busy with the "R8 GT" logo.
A amount of absolute appearance are accessible as options for the Audi R8 GT. Exoteric options cover two another wheels, a body-color foreground splitter and a CFRP engine alcove lining. Carbon elements on the doors, the tunnel, in the cockpit and on the apparatus console are accessible as autogenous options. Others cover a multifunction covering council wheel, bench belts in red, orange or gray, attic mats with the "R8 GT" logo and CFRP aperture axle trims aflame in red. If desired, Audi will fit seats with carbon frames, which are somewhat lighter than the CFRP shells. The Alcantara bench covers are optionally accessible with an abstract "R8 GT" logo.
A chase amalgamation is accessible for antagonism enthusiasts. It includes a bolt-in cycle bar in red or black, which has both alley and blazon approval, as able-bodied as road-approved four-point belts in red or black, a blaze extinguisher and a annihilate about-face for the battery. An another foreground bar bore for motorsports evens includes a rotary lock for the four-point seatbelt and turns the cycle bar into a abounding cage. Buyers searching for added abundance and accessibility can accept corpuscle buzz alertness with an avant-garde belt microphone. Audi aswell offers a abounding covering package, ascendancy elements in covering with allegory bond and a cruise ascendancy arrangement as options. The parking aid is included with the accepted equipment.

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